Voluntary Organisations- to Incorporate or Not – That is the Question

When people get together to carry out a particular activity they do not immediately think about the legal nature of the group they are forming. They act together to carry out a task and do not realise that they may have obligations and responsibilities in law to each other. The legal nature of the group […]


Relevance of Corporate Governance to Smaller Private Companies Corporate Governance tends to be higher on the agenda of companies or other organisations that are in receipt of public money – listed companies, public sector agencies, and charities – with the emphasis being on stewardship, control and compliance. While smaller private companies may emphasise the need […]


Historic Context The Enron scandal of 2001 and the consequent demise of the global accounting practice of Andersens shone a bright spotlight on corporate incompetence.  In the UK post the Robert Maxwell case, the Cadbury Report of 1992 was the first corporate governance code.  This was followed by the Greenbury, Hampel and Turnbull reports and […]